Human Specific Performance

Cantabile 2 – Human Specific Performing Art 


Cantabile 2 creates Human Specific Performing Art, a new artistic direction within the field of contemporary theatre. This label is a common denominator for new innovative works implementing the six basic Human Specific principles.
In Cantabile 2´s specific artistic profile the element of non-fiction is also at the core.



Human Specific Performing Art
Human Specific Performing Art is work that:

• offers personalized experiences to audience members

• is designed to receive small audience groups or individuals in order to relate individually to each person

• is dependent on audience participation

• facilitate genuine encounters in immersive environments

• explore and employ different forms of sensorial communication

• Allows audience members to navigate through an aesthetic and sensuous universe


In the center of Human Specific artwork is the human being.
Within this work encounters between individuals are facilitated. The ambition of this facilitation is to enable performers and spectators to be both receptive and responsive to one another in order to render openness and vulnerability in a mutual exchange. An exchange which occurs in the ”here and now”. In the frame set of a Human Specific artwork, there is space devoted to genuine encounters, interaction and presence in a sensuous and aesthetic universe.



Cantabile 2´s Human Specific performances

A specific quality of Cantabile 2´s Human Specific performances is the basic principle of non-fiction; abandoning the concept of role and make-believe.
We think that as soon as the spectator recognizes the performer as playing a role, he will be reassured by the existence of a distance, a fictitious reality, which keeps a safety line between him and the performance.
Instead the actors reveal intimate aspects or even secrets from their personal selves. Or they share with the spectator a physical or mental activity, which is truly happening in its simplicity here and now.
Likewise, no physical object is make-believe in our Human Specific performances: whatever you see is exactly what it is. Tears are tears, stones are stones.

Cantabile 2´s Human Specific artworks operate by combining the universal world with the personal world.By analyzing what regulates human memories and human associative mechanisms, we are creating performances that have the characteristics of emotional templates: a sort of fill-in-the-blanks sequence of theatrical events that will generate very personal responses in the spectator.
Visiting the performance you´ll discover that it was all about you. 



The human specific performances by Cantabile 2 are: The Venus LabyrinthSeek to SeekLife/Live


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