The Venus Labyrinth, Glasgow 2010


Cantabile 2 had a grand opening of the season 2013/2014 with the biennale Waves Festival in August. The festival set a new record in audiences and the opening performance On the Concept of the Face – Regarding the Son of God (Romeo Castellucci/Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, IT) received the highest rating possible by the critic from one of the most acclaimed national newspapers in Denmark.

In November and December Cantabile 2 co-operated with the library of Vordingborg in the making of THE SPACE BETWEEN TWO WORDS. This performance invites the audience to a very personal encounter with the library. Uniquely developed software guides the audience around in the performance. THE SPACE BETWEEN TWO WORDS is restaged on June 4th when it is part of Vordingborg Kulturnat.

Life Live! is part of the program at two international festivals. Life Live! is selected to be part of DANISH+ in Aarhus on May 4th where 60 invited international programmers will see the performance. Life Live! will also be part of the program for CPH:STAGE in Copenhagen where it can be experienced on June 17th – 19th.

In addition, we are busy with the preparations for our new large-scale Human Specific performance. The Happiness Paradox will premiere in Vordingborg on September 10th, after which you can catch it in Elsinore by September 24th and in Copenhagen by October 8th.


Cantabile 2 creates human specific performances:

The Human Specific performances ensure that each member of the audience is involved personally with the performers.

In dialogue with international partners Cantabile 2 will re-stage new versions of our human-specific productions.
We help finding suitable buildings and adapting the performances to them, at the same time involving
local performers in a unique devised process together with a wide international crew.


Take a look at Cantabile 2's international touring brochure here:


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