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In Touch

The In Touch Network is a new network created to connect artists that are working with Human Specific Art. It consists of two parts:


The In Touch Network: A formal network for companies and organizations producing and programming Human Specific Performing Art.


The In Touch Network Facebook Group: A network of information and communication for all professionals, artists, academics and the like with an interest in Human Specific Performing Art.



Human Specific Performing Art

Human Specific Performing Art is a new approach within contemporary theatre. It is defined as performances that:

• offers personalized and intimate experiences to members of the audience

• is designed to receive small audience groups or individuals in order to relate individually to each person

• is dependent on audience participation


• facilitates genuine encounters in immersive environments
• explores and employs different forms of sensorial communication

• allows audience members to navigate through an aesthetic and sensuous universe



Purposes of the network 


• Strengthen the network and communication within Human Specific Performing Art

• Increase the visibility of Human Specific Performing Art as artistic profile

• Arrange artistic working labs for kindred artists to exchange working methods and share inspiration

• Arrange introduction workshops on the principles of Human Specific Performing Art

• Arrange seminars and the like about topics that are relevant to the working method - and with an integration of the Human Specific principles in the format of the seminars

• Tackle common challenges in the field of Human Specific Performing Art – such as low audiences numbers e.g. – on strategic and political level.



Do you or your company wish to be part of the In Touch Network or the Facebook group?

In Touch Network: Send an e-mail to
The Facebook Group: Ask to become a member on Facebook



Meet the In Touch Network
• During the Nordic Performance Art Days in Copenhagen June 20th at 11-12 pm.


Upcomming activities
The network is currently applying for funding to a number of activities. Should the network get the necessary funding, the network will host a number of introduction meetings in Norway, Sweden and Finland connected to a 3 days introduction workshop by Cantabile 2.
In addition, 2 Artistic Working Labs will take place in February 2015 where Human Specific Performing Artists can share their working methods


Partners and members
Cantabile 2 (Denmark)


Initiative Group
Cantabile 2 (Denmark)
Secret Hotel (Denmark)
Triage Live Art Collective (Germany/ Australia)
Meet Mimosa (Germany)
Karolina Pietrzykowska/ Gap and Joint (Poland)

Cantabile 2  -  Regional Theatre in Vordingborg  -  Kostervej 2b  -  4780 Stege  -  Denmark  -  Tel. +45 5534 0119  -