An overview of the upcoming performances and activities by Cantabile 2.

Cantabile 2 premieres a new large scale performance

New large scale Human Specific performance by Cantabile 2. The Happiness Paradox can be experienced this fall.

Life Live! a favorite at :DANISH+ has interviewed participants at :DANISH+

Waves Festival nominated for the Artbeat Award

Waves Festival is an epicenter for performing stage arts

Life Live! a favorite at :DANISH+

»’Life Live!’ is without a question my favorite performance so far. I love when performances pose questions - this is exactly what all good art should do. In The States we are unfortunately used to audiences demanding a 'clear message' in the performances that we present to children and young audiences - and that is why I really enjoy Danish theater for children and young audiences. Here you are not affraid to ask questions.« - Janet Stanford from Imagination Stage in Washington tells in an interview by Søren K. Kløft from during :DANISH+


Read the article here (In Danish)

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