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Cantabile 2 premieres a new large scale performance

New large scale Human Specific performance by Cantabile 2. The Happiness Paradox can be experienced this fall.

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Cantabile 2 premieres a new large scale performance

The Happiness Paradox is a performance about our search for happiness, and the different roads we travel to get there.


The Happiness Paradox takes place in a large building with many rooms. The spectator is invited to explore the building following his or her own, personal path in search of a happy ending.


The performance has the characteristics of games and the completion of certain missions (practical, intellectual or emotional) gives access to new rooms and new levels. You can experience a warm one-on-one encounter with a performer, meet two performers, or share a shard of your pursuit of happiness along one or more members of the audience.


Cantabile 2 works with the principles of Human Specific. We create our performances around personal and intimate encounters between audience members and performers. Encounters based on reality rather than fiction.


The Happiness Paradox can be experienced:


September 10th - 14th 2014 in Vordingborg - Langgade 59A, 4780 Stege

Tickets: - or phone: +45 55 34 01 20


September 24th - 28th 2014 in Elsinore - Marienlyst Castle



October 8th - 26th in Copenhagen - venue will be announced shortly

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