An overview of the upcoming performances and activities by Cantabile 2.

Cantabile 2 premieres a new large scale performance

New large scale Human Specific performance by Cantabile 2. The Happiness Paradox can be experienced this fall.

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Waves Festival nominated for the Artbeat Award

Waves Festival is an epicenter for performing stage arts

Waves Festival nominated for the Artbeat Award

Waves Festival is nominated for the Artbeat Award 2014


The Artbeat Award celebrates the best in Danish culture and is given to a project or person in culture that has combined the artistic innovative with communicative visionary.


Waves Festival is nominated for having created an epicenter of performance and stage arts far away from the expected framework of the capital of Denmark.


The nominees for the Artbeat Award 2014 are: Michael Bojesen, Copenhagen Opera Festival, Jensens Bøfhus, Waves Festival and Campingkvinder.


All nominees are selected by the jury on basis of an open round of recommendation.


The jury is:

Elsebeth Gerner Nielsen, Head of Kolding Designskole
Jørgen Ramskov, Editor of Radio24syv
Magnus Restofte, Head of Communications at Vega
Jonathan Spang, Ator and Director
Ulla Tofte, Director of Golden Days
Knud Romer, Writer
Jeanett Albeck, Musician
Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner, Writer
Christian Have, Creative Director of Have Kommunikation
The Award is given by the Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved on January 29th.
The winner will receive great honor and a bronze statuette by artist, Jørgen Pedersen.
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